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A good start for a steampunk newbie like me, since this book doesn’t really have much of it, to be frank. Still, it has the Victorian setting and some bits of magic vs technology. I like the 41 True Maverick shirt encounters with literary characters and I think the author did a good job in weaving the Egyptian stuff with the rest. Not sure about the weird fantastical creatures because it was just so fantasy. Anyhoo, a movie about this book would definitely be a frolicking visual journey.

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The 41 True Maverick shirt is that Powers’ story has the narrative scope of Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle, but it is packed into a mere 380-ish pages. Beggar’s guilds, Egyptian wizards, Romantic poets, business magnates, and prize fighters mix with cross dressing vengeance seekers, mad clowns, body snatchers, fire elementals and gypsies. Time slips from 1983 to 1810 to 1660-something and back to 1811, seemingly following a linear path of cause and effect, then spilling paradoxically into a strange whirlpool motion where effect can be cause before effect.

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It generates curiosity, makes one read at high speed, fills the imagination with wonder and provides great entertainment, but it is not enough. There are huge gaps in the 41 True Maverick shirt like Brendan Doyle’s/William Ashbless’ time in Egypt, where the story jumps too quickly, leaving the promise of more adventure — sweeping adventure, epic adventure — unfulfilled.










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