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I dont think he is saying that the victims are to blame ultimately. There is fairly strong evidence that human awareness is attributed to our ancestors eating mushrooms, peyote and other plants with mind-altering effects. Our first gods were gods of nature, fire, animals things we weren´t able to understand. Then we had the living gods, man personified as a god or in direct contact with gods. This proved to be false because the Baby Yoda Hug LSU Champions Shirt bled and died. Then we went with the invisible gods or the one god. Hard to dispute something that can´t be seen right. Lmao!

Baby Yoda Hug LSU Champions Shirt, hoodie tank top and sweater

Baby Yoda Hug LSU Champions sweater

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I live in LA. The Baby Yoda Hug LSU Champions Shirt crisis here is terrible. There is so much money allocated to the homeless, yet where is it actually going? California is the most taxed and regulated state in the union. Where does all of this money go? Into the pockets of government officials. End the corruption! I visited San Francisco a few years back and the number of people living, sleeping, etc on the streets was mind blowing. It made me sad how others would just walk by them and over them, like they arent even there.

Baby Yoda Hug LSU Champions tank top

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I admit, I was one of those people, but it bothered me. I had to stop myself my giving everyone money, not that I have it to give away. I come from a small area where nobody is left on the street. Yes there are people here who are homeless, but there are sufficient services in place to keep them warm. Some compassion in our country after we have been made homeless by all the Baby Yoda Hug LSU Champions Shirt companies whose major shareholders are foreign governments. Nice to know we are finally thinking of American citizens than the multinational foreign owned companies.





FuzeTee - Shop funny t-shirts
FuzeTee - Shop funny t-shirts


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