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I was surprised to find a novel that was much more complicated and rich than I might have otherwise expected. I knew this was a time travel book, and I knew there would be magic in it. I didn’t expect it to be the Dirk Forever shirt of the steampunk movement or to be so literary. Mr. Powers put a lot of consideration into the lives portrayed here, and while Doyle was hard to truly love, he grew on me as he grew as a character.

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I really liked him by the Dirk Forever shirt There are many twists and turns to the story, and the plot is both intricate and complex. The novel is in third-person limited omniscience, which allows for a great deal of variety while sacrificing the immediacy and the feeling of being in the character’s skin.

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I almost wish it was written in first-person, because the sheer amount of detail and description in 1810 London was astounding and beautiful in the horrible way those grubby English types can be, and feeling what he felt would have been an extraordinary treat. This is no urban fantasy novel. The Dirk Forever shirt was strange and had some very curious aspects to it, and pitting a magical viewpoint with a time-traveler in a closed-loop system felt like a stroke a of genius.



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