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This is fire, but on the same token, it must be old. Quavo is way more singing orientated nowadays, the Two seater shirt humming/melody sound that Migos have been going for in the last year is starting to get played out and I personally just really miss their YRN 2 and earlier days.

Two seater shirt, ladies tee, hoodie, sweater and tank top

Two seater tank top

tank top

Two seater ladies tee

ladies tee

It’s also the Two seater shirt why there’s plenty of people that like takeoff the most, because he still kept the triplet rapid flow to this day, but as the bad and boujee meme follows, he gets left out often because that’s simply not the ‘wave’ in the current days. It’s old this came out a year back but the picture is new a rare pic of 21 savages smiling other than that most song on world star is old and they choose when they release songs of an artist like when tentacion died they released going ghost which tripped made almost 4 months ago. So he can’t hit flows he used to? I guess when he started doing melodies he just forgot how to rap?

Two seater hoodie


Two seater sweater


Lmao, you a fuckin goofy ass dude bruh. Just listen and stop with the paragraphs. RaGe Spectr3 astroworld was underwhelming most
of the Two seater shirt are forgettable and only a few are really good. People are saying its amazing because they are still on that hype train that everyone is riding. I love nick But I don’t like you really don’t if we’re listening to migos then you would know that Chavo did that a lot bad and boujee fans lol






3 reviews for Two seater shirt

  1. Bambi Craft (verified owner)

    The T shirt looks as advertised although I found it a bit thinner than I expected but all round satisfied

  2. Polly Mcclenny (verified owner)

    I asked for a 2 days delivery, and 2 days delivery has actually been. I’m looking forward to purchasing some other merchandise soon.

  3. Dave Cote (verified owner)

    Did what they said,item arrived when it should’ve.Would highly recommend.

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